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  Imaging Systems (80)  
  MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (13)  
  CT scanners (7)  
  Angiography-Systems (3)  
  Mammography-Systems (14)  
  Surgical-C-Arms (0)  
  X-ray units (8)  
  Ultrasound scanners (19)  
  Nuclear-Medicine-Systems (6)  
  Laser-Camera (1)  
  CR Computed Radiography (6)  
  Bone Densitometers (0)  
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Philips 1.0T Vista Polaris PSM von Philips
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Siemens Sonoline G60s
SwissRay ddrCombi
Angio Hicor 3.0 system
Siemens Sonoline G50
MRI Magnetom Impact 1.0 Tesla
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